Trustpak Version 5.0 Compliance

Trustpak now has specific compliance with All States of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK
& USA - The State Bars of Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania.

Versions for: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom & USA

Fully Compliant

With the USA State Bars: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Connecticut & Pennsylvania. Australian State Trust Accounting Regulations. Accounting Laws and Regulations of New Zealand and South Africa, UK SRA Account Rules. Coming soon compliance with Canada.

Windows 10 Support

Trustpak is built on a solid object based platform that allows us to support Windows XP through to Windows 10. We understand not everyone wants a cloud based solution so we are supporting MS Windows all the way.

File Management

Trustpak offers complete file management, search for files based on number, client name or other details. Close and archive files no longer required, you can de-archive a file with ease.


Trustpak is simple, intuitive and very fast. Create a file for a client & receipt in funds to the clients Trust account within seconds. Choose the screen style from Android OS, MetroUI, Snow Leopard or Windows 10

Setup Assistant

This function takes you through the most important setup features required before you can begin using the system. Entry of your business information, staff access, printers, documents and system settings.

Import Data

This function takes you through the steps of setting up a Trust Bank Account, moving your data into Trustpak and making sure that Trustpak balances and matches your previous system. It produces an opening set of reports for your auditors.

Letters & Forms

A complete document management system from creation of templates with version history through to automatic letter generation. With the click of a button auto create a letter to your client with all the blanks filled in.


Create as many Trust Bank accounts you need, when you create a new client file you assign a Bank Account to the file. All Trust Account functions for that file are then associated with the selected Trust Bank Account.


Assign the currency to a Trust Bank Account, then assign a client file to the bank account and it will automatically recognize the currency when operating on the clients Trust Account.


A complete reconciliation system that allows you to Reconcile the Bank Statement, Reconcile the Trust Account and Reconcile the Cash Book with one easy click. Trustpak will even auto match and tick off your bank statement items, making Reconciliation fast and easy.

Role Based Security

Access to Trustpak functions is controlled by role based security. You assign the access levels required by staff to perform the required role in your organisation.

Robust SQL Server

We utilize the Firebird SQL server that is lean enough to install on a notebook for a single user and it is robust enough to be installed on the latest Windows Servers to handle 50-100 users.


Perform a statement run that prints a statement for each client within a selected group of clients. Select the start date and the end date and a message to go on the statement

Distribute Interest

Distribute interest to client accounts based on their average daily balance. You can do a test run to check how the interest funds will be distributed.

Collect Fees & Charges

Auto charge fees to any number of client accounts with a single journal to a separate fees holding account which you may draw payments from for your own fees. You may also collect TAX (GST) into a Tax Holding Account.

Daily Agenda

Built into the product, the Daily Agenda allows you to set yourself reminders on actions required to client files which gives you coloured statistical warning of how many actions are required, which can be clicked to show a complete list

Auto Updates

With one click you can check our website for patch updates and install them instantly. This allows us to deliver changes quickly and efficiently.

Backup to Google Drive

With a few clicks you can zip/compress your database and automatically give it a meaningful name and transfer it up to your secure Google Drive account, or any other location you wish. This achieves compliance of off site backups.