What is the difference between the 30 Day Free Trial and the 60 Day Demo?

The 30 Day Free Trial:    Choose this one if you will be entering LIVE DATA and may continue at the end of 30 days

The database is clean with NO example transactions, this is the full system allowing you to enter your company details and perform all the functions.

At the end of the 30 days you login to our website and purchase a subscription to continue using the system with all of your entered data.

There is one limitation with the Free 30 Day Trial, only ONE USER can access the system at any time!

The 60 Day Free Demo:    Choose this one if you are not sure and want a quick look

The database is pre-filled with an Investment Broker scenario in a Multi-Bank Multi-Currency configuration

There are several transactions that have been entered for each client so you can get a good understanding of what information is captured and how reports will appear.

The demo has a few restrictions, you cannot enter your company details this is fixed as a Demo Company and while you can balance a reconciliation, you cannot finalise or commit a reconciliation. You may enter test clients and transactions into the system but the demo system including any data you enter must be removed prior to installing the full software eg: trial or a subscription version.