1. Service Level Agreement

This "Service Level Agreement" will be referred to as the "SLA" which applies to the Main Application Service and applies separately to customer subscriptions, but only the customer subscriptions as mentioned in Section 3.0

2. General Service Level Commitment

At infobizsolutions.com we are committed to providing 99.9 % up-time for the core service (Main Application). We are also committed to providing 99.9 % up-time for non-core services, however, this SLA will only apply to the core service (Main Application) as displayed on our status page at status.infobizsolutions.com

3. What this Service Level Agreement Applies to

This SLA will only apply to the following subscriptions:

  • 3.1 OTA+ (STRA) Enterprise Subscription
  • 3.2 OTA+ Enterprise Subscription
  • 3.3 OCS+ Monthly and Yearly Subscription

3.4 This SLA will also only apply to the subscriptions above for customers who are current on their payment obligations.

3.5 This SLA will NOT apply to any beta testers who receive a discount or to any other customers who are on discounted or free trial periods without exception.

4. Notification of outages

We have live external continuous monitoring of endpoints within our cloud platform to detect up and downtimes.

4.1 Direct live instant notification of any event is done via our Twitter page https://twitter.com/info_biz_sol
4.2 Customers may also check our status page at status.infobizsolutions.com
4.3 It is the responsibility of customers to follow the provided Twitter page to receive notifications of events affecting the Main Application

  • (a) Issues, updates, and notifications of resolutions and restoration of Main Applications service.
  • (b) Outages.
  • (c) Performance degradation.
  • (d) Advanced notice of Software updates.
  • (e) Advanced notice of Server maintenance.
  • (f) Advanced notice of Other Maintenance.

5. Service Level Agreement - Exclusions

5.1 Exclusions without limitations:
(a) the "PMS API - Connections"
(b) the "Caching Background Servers"
(c) the "Print Servers"
(d) apps, widgets, any third-party API such as Xero, Slack or any method used to import to or extract data from our products.
(e) factors outside of our reasonable control, including any force majeure event or related problems beyond the demarcation point of the Main Application. This includes unavailability caused by acts of God, acts of government, insurrection, war, riot, global health emergency, disease outbreak, explosion, nuclear incident, fire, flood, earthquake, global pandemic, unavailability of telecommunications and internet service due to the general unavailability of telecommunication or internet service provider’s systems or other catastrophic events beyond the reasonable control of infobizsolutions.com
(f) that result from any actions or inactions of you or any third party, including failure to keep passwords protected.
(g) that result from your equipment, software, or other technology and/or third-party equipment, software, or other technology.
(h) arising from our suspension or termination of your right to use the Main Application in accordance with our Terms of Service.
(i) Maintenance as required to implement ongoing software changes, urgent fixes and update roll-outs and server maintenance.
(j) Customers on plans that are NOT defined in Section 3.
(k) Customers who are NOT current on their payment obligations.
(l) Beta testers who may or may not receive discounts or any other customers who are on discounted or free trial periods without exception.
(m) Upstream: Outages caused by our cloud services provider.
(n) Downstream: Outages caused by general internet failure or local internet failures affecting our cloud servers provider or affecting the customer's internet connection.

6. Credit Payment Procedures

6.1 To receive a Credit, the customer shall submit to infobizsolutions.com a detailed credit request via support@infobizsolutions.com within thirty (30) days following the Main Application Unavailability incident. The customer’s failure to provide the request within the time frame will disqualify the customer from receiving a Credit.
6.2 infobizsolutions.com will apply a Credit (as defined in Section 7. Definitions below) only against the customer’s future payment obligations otherwise due from the customer under the Agreement for the Subscription Fees. A Credit will not entitle a customer to any monetary refund by infobizsolutions.com. Credits may not be transferred or applied to any other account or product.
6.3 If none of the exclusions above apply and if the Monthly Uptime Percentage confirmed by us is less than the Service Commitment, and you have satisfied Section 6. Credit Payment Procedures then we will issue the Service credit to you within one billing cycle.

Monthly Uptime Percentage Credit Percentage
Less than 99.9% but greater than or equal to 98% 2%
Less than 98% but greater than or equal to 95% 5%
Less than 95% but greater than or equal to 90% 7%
Less than 90% but greater than or equal to 85% 10%
Less than 85% 15%

7. Definitions

7.1 "Unavailability" is defined as the number of minutes in a given calendar month in which the Main Application was not available for customer access and as measured according to infobizsolutions.com status page, located at: status.infobizsolutions.com which is constantly updated by monitoring specific end-points and is also updated by infobizsolutions.com personnel from time to time.

7.2 "Monthly Uptime Percentage" is calculated by subtracting from 100% the percentage of minutes during the month in which the Main Application was in the state of Unavailability. Monthly Uptime Percentage measurements exclude Unavailability resulting directly or indirectly from any Service Level Agreement - Exclusions as defined in Section 5.

7.3 "Credit Percentage" is a percentage of your monthly fees (excluding one-time payments such as API connection fees, training fees, onboarding fees, support fees).

7.4 "Credit" shall be calculated by multiplying the applicable credit percentage as shown in the table above (“Credit Percentage”) by: (i) the monthly fees payable by the customer to infobizsolutions.com in the month in which the Service Unavailability has occurred (if a customer has a monthly Subscription Plan); or (ii) by 1/12 of the annual fees payable by the customer to infobizsolutions.com (if a customer has an annual Subscription Plan).