OTA+ (STR) - Cloud Based Short Term Rental Trust Accounting

Built specifically for the short term rental accommodation industry (STR), with unmatched features we simplify the task of Trust Accounting. With deep integration into property management systems and unique automation, we can save you significant amounts of time. Get on board and regain control of your trust account now.

On-Screen Help

Our cloud applications have help buttons on all screens to display help and videos. In OTA+ a fully up to date WIKI Index file is available, you can get examples and explanations of screens and how to use then by clicking Help & Support | Wiki Index. The Help file contain images of screens and how to use them.


Online Training Movies

Short youtube training movies that show how to use each function. A help button on the screen will link through to the training movie.

Local Support

Locally supported from Australia, you will be speaking with the people that directly develop and maintain the product to make sure you are supported quickly and efficiently by people who know the product.

Support Tickets

From our website this features allows you to log a formal request for assistance. This provides you with a detailed log, updates and tracks the assignment of the support ticket. The support ticket will not be closed until it is confirmed by the user that it has been fixed.

Remote Connectivity

In the rare event we need to access your screen with your approval we can directly connect to your computer and show you how to use a screen or function anywhere in the world to sort out any issues or help you with usage of OTA+.

Telephone Support

Sometimes you just need to speak with someone who can quickly understand and answer a question about the system or can guide you on how to best achieve a desired outcome.

Support Email

Email works well in most situations, you can attach a snapshot of your screen and we will get back to you ASAP with a fix, workaround or another solution.

MS Teams/Zoom

If you are having a conference and require our input to make decisions on our product or you need more involved personal help we can arrange to connect via MS Teams or Zoom to discuss the solution if required.


Our cloud applications are continually updated and we usually update our servers late in the evening to keep down time to a minimum.