OTA+ (STR) - Cloud Based Short Term Rental Trust Accounting

Built specifically for the short term rental accommodation industry (STR), with unmatched features we simplify the task of Trust Accounting. With deep integration into property management systems and unique automation, we can save you significant amounts of time. Get on board and regain control of your trust account now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone starts with the 30 day free trial, this gives you 30 days to enter your data and test out all of the features. You can reset the free trial as many times as you like, we encourage you to do several test imports of your data and compare your figures. If you get it wrong you can clear it out and make changes and re-import, only when you are 100% sure that your closing reports in your old system match the opening reports in OTA+ (STR) then you can commit your figures and move forward.

It is actually not that hard as long as you get the correct information from your current system. The following is an essential list of what you will need:

  • 1 .. A list of all of your property file numbers, owners details, property details.
  • 2 .. A list of all current property ledger balances. Sometimes referred to as the 'Trial Balance', 'Outstanding Balances' or 'Ledger Balances' as at your last reconciliation.
  • 3 .. A list of any un-presented payments. These are payments you made from your Trust Ledgers to someone but they have not been presented to your bank.
  • 4 .. A list of all bookings that have not yet been disbursed.
  • 5 .. A list of all future bookings including future bookings you have received payments and bookings you have not received payments for.

This is what we call the on-boarding phase. It is extremely important this is done correctly so that you begin your journey on OTA+ with a clean reconciled trust bank account. We are so serious about your on-boarding being done correctly we have built a separate on-boarding area which you allows you establish an opening reconciliation in OTA+ that matches your current system. This must be achieved and signed off before you can go into the main application. Once you decide to sign up, our staff will be in contact with you

It is not un-common for companies to have issues in their trust accounting systems. Talk to us we have a lot of expertise in converting from older unreliable and buggy trust accounting systems.

  • Try and identify where the problem is, in which property file. An example is a negative value in your Trial Balance which should never happen in trust accounting but somehow you have one. We have seen systems with significant short falls compared to the actual trust bank account caused by allowing negative balances in ledgers which should not happen in trust accounting, this may require the owner to top up the Trust Bank account from their business account.

Use the conversion process to sort out your trust account issues, sometimes issues are small and go back a long time and rather than spend weeks chasing a fifty dollar error it is easier for the owner to make up the small short fall, draw a line in the sand and move on. Your time is expensive so do not spend too much time chasing a small figure.

Absolutely not, there is no Trust Accounting Regulation that states you must only convert at the end of the financial year. What you must do is convert when you have completed a successful reconciliation so you have a complete set of closing records and reports. The important point here is that your auditors will want to see proof that your closing reconciliation reports match your opening reports, OTA+ (STR) provides you with a full set of opening reports. We have many years of experience in conversions from other trust accounting systems to our products.

We use your closing reconciliation records and reports to match against our opening records, all figures must match before we can accept it as successful. Our system does not allow you to move forward with incorrect balances or figures that do not reconcile with your bank account. You will be able to get a full report that compares to your closing reconciliation on your old product.

No you do not, for the 30 day free trial we only need your full contact numbers and business details.

The ordering of the 30 day free trial is fully automated and you will receive an email within seconds telling you how to login to OTA+ (STR).

On-boarding assistance is available which is a fixed fee per property file that you are importing into OTA+ (STR) which helps you through to going live. Please contact us and we can provide you with further details.

We only accept the following credit cards at this current point in time: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club, JCB, & Discover.

We do not record your credit card details we use STRIPE.COM which is a token based transaction system. STRIPE.COM provides a screen that will process your credit card and they only send us a success or failure token, we can then ask STRIPE to process your order against that token. So we never see, store or have anything to do with your credit card.

All connections between our cloud environment and STRIPE.COM are secured by 256Bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted connection which is the same used by all Australian and World Wide Banks.