Online Conveyancing System Plus (OCS+) Available Early 2020

OCS+ brings you all of the features required to perform the conveyance transaction online. At the core of OCS+ is a time tested, compliant, trust accounting system that handles all of the trust account functions. Our API Interface allows connectivity to PEXA and search providers. The system can handle all types of legal matters including Conveyance, Conveyance Strata, Land Division, Transfers, Register of Death, Lease, Lease Extension, Lease Surrender, Mortgage, Mortgage Extension & Discharge, Encumbrance & Grant of Easement.


PEXA Integration

We are working on the integration between OCS+ and others systems such as PEXA for electronic settlement, Search companies for integrated search ordering and Banks Feeds for auto trust account reconciliation and Insurance companies for Settlement Insurance.


Compliant Trust Accounting

At the core of OCS+ is our time tested compliant Trust Accounting System. Our Trust Accounting Sysem has compliance with all states of Australia. Reconcile your Bank Statement, your Cash Book, and your Trust Account with one click. OCS+ has all of the reports to satisfy your Auditors.

* Note: Check our Trust Accounting Compliance Matrix for OCS+ Trust accounting compliance in your state.


Import Your Data

Using our Microsoft Excel Templates you simply enter data in the columns for the vendor, purchaser or both, the property details and the trust account balance. Follow the on screen simple steps, it is so easy. Clear and start again as much as you like until you are happy. Before committing your data view a report that will match your previous trust account system. It produces an opening set of reports for your auditors.


Auto Adjustments

Click the "Default Adjustments" button and OCS+ cycles through a pre-set list of adjustments that you define, simply enter the amount the rest is done for you. It automatically finds the period the adjustment applies to. You define how unpaid adjustments are handled and who is responsible for unpaid amounts. Handles income adjustments for rental properties, change settlement date and adjustments are instantly re-calculated.


Auto Statements

Click the "Default Statement" button and OCS+ will auto populate the statement with all of the required items eg: Sale/Purchase Price, Deposit Details, Stamp Duty on Transfer, Registration of Transfer, Mortgage Fees, Conveyancing Fees, etc. Add or modify any item on the statement. You may also drag and drop line items into any order you wish. The statement is automatically updated if you change any data.


Auto Settlement

Auto Settlement may be done via PEXA online or manually, the settlement screen is driven from the items on the statements. Auto settlement reconciles the entire conveyance transaction, this screen will show the amounts/receipts due, the payments, and the deposit details. The amounts to requested and finally journals to be processed. We also deal with after settlement for funds held over.



Our "Click Balance Reconciliation"" matches your bank statement balance as you click each deposit or payment, allowing you to spot issues instantly on the day they happened. Reconcile the Bank Statement, the Trust Account and the Cash Book with one click. Everything you need for reconciliation is integrated into one neat screen. All final Reconciliation reports are auto saved to the database for historical safe keeping.


Dual Data Centres

Your business is important to us! All of the data you key in to OCS+ is instantly replicated across our servers at two separate data centres, so if one data centre is unavailable or has technical issues the application auto switches over to the backup centre. This is a fully automated self healing system.


Work Remotely

Place a staff member at a new release housing estate with a mobile phone and a notebook with a browser and thats all you need. No more complicated windows installations, there is simply nothing to install just open your browser, login and start working. Your staff can work from remote locations. Have a small practice and want a colleague to look after your files while you are on holiday? It has never been easier.


Auto Calc Stamp Duty

OCS+ Auto calculates the stamp duty required for the conveyance. Click any of the options: Primary Residence, Investment, Established Home, New Home, Vacant Land, First Home Buyer or Foreign Purchaser to auto calculate accordingly. Modify the purchase price and these figures will be automatically recalculated.


Auditor, Accountant & Bookkeeper Logins

Allow your auditor, accountant or bookkeeper to login. Auditors only get read only access. You can choose the access levels of all other logins. If they can review past reconciliation history and print reports, or if they can perform book keeping.


Multiple Office Locations

When a staff member is assigned to an office location, whenever a document or form is generated the details of the office assigned to the staff member is used.


Cloud Based Application

OCS+ is built on a solid object based platform that allows us continuously rollout new features. Our new cloud based solution utilizes our rock solid proven trust account technology that has been developed over many years.


Time Billing

Enter your hours against a selected File/Matter and print a report to show staff activity. Tracking staff hours against different transaction helps to establish what your costs are. Keep track on whether you are under or over resourced.

File Management

OCS+ offers complete file management, search for files based on file/matter number, client name, property address. View the active files for yourself, the office or the entire company, Temporarily assign your files to a co-worker


Create as many Trust Bank Accounts you need, assign the required Trust Bank Account to a new matter upon creation. For the life of the matter all trust account functions for that matter are then associated with the assigned Trust Bank Account. Each separate Trust Bank account has its own separate reconciliation.

* Note: In some countries there is a regulation limit on how many trust bank accounts you may have.



OCS+ allows a multiple currency operation if required. Assign a currency to a Trust Bank Account and when creating a new matter assign the required trust bank account. It will automatically recognize the currency when operating on the matter or the Trust Bank Account. All trust Account reports will display the associated currency.


ABA Cemtex Payments

Draw a payment from a ledger and choose type ABA EFT. This payment will be placed on your ABA EFT file ready for upload to your online banking. Most financial institutions clear ABA Cemtex payments the evening of the same day of upload.


SMS Messaging

For a client there is no better news than hearing their property has settled. Getting this news immediately on settlement from their representative is very impressive. OCS+ can send your clients an SMS message as soon as their property settles. We have very competitive rates on SMS messages sent direct from OCS+



There are many timely workflow tasks that are required from quoting right through to settlement. OCS+ offers end to end management of these tasks, which gives you more time to grow your business. OCS+ helps you work smarter and faster.


Robust Cloud Servers

Using the very latest in cloud architecture, we have mirror image servers on two separate regional data centres that provide redundancy and fail over. In the event that one data centre is offline our system auto switches to the live data centre.


Letters & Forms

A fully integrated document management system that handles the creation of forms and precedent templates with version history through to automatic letter and form generation. With the click of a button auto create a letter or a Government form with all the blanks filled in.



Settlement in OCS+ is driven by the statements, it will automatically provide you with a complete settlement breakdown which details all incoming receipts, outgoing payments, amounts to be requested and journals to be posted. This effectively reconciles your conveyance matter through to completion.


Quick Quotes

Enter the property price and a few other details and quickly generate a professional quote that can be emailed to your client instantly. If your quote is successful convert the quote to a active matter is seconds and proceed with the matter.


Water Calculators

The water usage calculator comes with all the water authorities pre-loaded. You enter the date of the last meter reading and a few other figures and it will calculate the consumption, the adjustment and any refunds.


Role Based Security

Access to OCS+ functions is controlled by role based security. You assign the access levels required by staff to perform the required role in your organisation.


Configure Transactions

OCS+ has great flexibility and can handle many transactions such as Conveyance, Conveyance Strata, Land Division, Transfers, Register of Death, Lease, Lease Extension, Lease Surrender, Mortgage, Mortgage Extension & Discharge, Encumbrance & Grant of Easement. You may also configure your own transactions.