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- Automated Supplier Bill Management
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Cloud based trust accounting
For the Short Term Rental Accommodation industry
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Cloud based trust accounting
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OTA+ Seamless Integration with Hostaway!

OTA+ (STRA) is now fully integrated with Hostaway, the Leading All-In-One Vacation Rental Software & Airbnb Management System. If you are currently using OTA+ and interested in moving over to Hostaway. Call us today on +61-8-7092-2666. Click for more info on Hostaway

OTA+ (STR) Regain control of your Trust Accounting

With two decades of solid trust accounting experience and evolution behind our product. OTA+ is compliant with the Trust Account regulations of all states of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK & several states in the USA.

  • Designed in close consultation with short term rental accommodation management professionals.
  • Compliant full ledger based trust accounting system with all regulation required trust account modules.
  • API Connect to your PMS: Receives financial booking information from your property management system.
  • Booking disbursements: One click posts management fees, booking expenses and owners profits.
  • Property Owners Report: Full EOM property booking report with pie chart break down.
  • Property Owners Payments: One click to pay all owners their balance in the owners ledger.
  • Supplier Bill Payments: Enter supplier bills for property maintenance and pay from owners ledger
  • Property Owners Logins: Mobile friendly interface shows property income, expense, bookings & supplier bills.
  • Lightning fast cloud application running on secure encrypted Amazon Web Servers.
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Compliant Trust Accounting

20 years of operation without a single regulation audit infringement. We take trust accounting seriously. Compliant in all states of Australia.

Owners Booking Report

Detailed owners booking report showing the bookings, management fees, an attractive pie chart and the owners ledgers.

API Connection to your PMS

Bookings, payments, updates & cancellations from your channel manager to your PMS will also be sent to OTA+ (STR) using the API.

Supplier Bill Payments

Manage the owners property and pay the suppliers direct from the owners ledger. Upload supplier invoice pdfs/images for property owners to view.

Easy Booking Management

Booking details, Payments, Extra Services, Check & Disburse all funds, Cancellations, Refunds, Booking Ledger all on one easy to use screen.

Auto Contingency System

Stop chasing property owners for maintenance funds. Every disbursed booking tops up the property owners contingency ledger.

OTA+ (STR) Property Owners Logins

We have created a beautiful property owners login interface that allows your property owners to drill down from a list of properties they own down to the finest detail of booking expense items on a single booking, or view supplier invoice details and display or download the pdf/image of the actual supplier bill.

  • One click to send your property owner an invite with instructions to login.
  • Neatly displays a list of one or more properties for multiple property owners
  • Intuitive interface simply drill down and view all details of the rental property.
  • Displays aggregate totals of future bookings, disbursed bookings, booking expenses, property maintenance.
  • View all historical bookings and drill down to expense items within a single booking.
  • All historical supplier bills are listed with drill down display of the invoice details.
  • Supplier bill images can be displayed or downloaded by the property owner for their business records.
  • Coloured area chart showing tariff value of bookings for last & current financial year and future bookings.
  • Provides transparency and answers most questions about property expenses & income.
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ABA Cemtex Payments

Draw a payment from a ledger and choose type ABA EFT. This payment will be placed on your ABA EFT file ready for upload to your online banking.

Three-Way Reconciliation

Reconcile your Bank Statement, your Trust Account Ledgers & your Cash Book with one click, too easy. Supports all the regulations.

Global & Property Fees

A Global Fees template is included when you sign up for OTA+ (STR). You can add & modify the fees, descriptions and text.

Personalised Logo

The guest receipt, property owners trust receipt and the suppliers remittance advice are templates to personalise with your logo.

Interactive Timeline

A colour visual overview of all booking activity across your property management portfolio for the week, month or year.

Import Existing Data

Using Excel templates, import existing property files, trust balances, owners & forward bookings. Step by step easy import & setup.

OTA+ (STRA) Property Owners Booking Report

The property owners report is produced at the end of month and provides a detailed listing of all bookings for a selected property. A summary of each booking showing the Booking Number, Disbursement Date, Guest Last Name, Arrival & Departure dates, Owners Remittance, Contingency Remittance, Management Fee, Booking Expense and the Total Tariff.

  • Enter the property number and the report period (defaults to last month) to view the report.
  • Single or Bulk Send the report to the owners of all active properties with a few clicks.
  • Summarizes all disbursed bookings for the report period entered.
  • Clearly separates the management fees from the bookings expenses.
  • Details the owners remittance/profit that will paid for the reporting period.
  • Highlights any amounts transferred to the contingency ledger for Property Maintenance.
  • Accurate pie chart breaks down the booking expenses.
  • Also includes a list of all trust accounting activity for the owners ledgers for complete transparency.
  • Switch areas of the report off or on to customise the information you wish to display to the owner.
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Guest Receipts

One click to email your guests with a compliant trust receipt/statement showing all credits and debits & peronalised with your logo.

Deferred Invoices

OTA+ Intelligently creates a supplier invoice for booking agents that have deferred invoicing like booking.com

Mobile Friendly Logins

Provide your property owners with a login to see all booking & expense details, accessible from PC/Tablet or Mobile.

Bulk Pay Owners

Huge time saver! A few clicks to pay all property their owners ledger balance which contains their remittance from all bookings for the period.

Auditors Login

Save yourself from office interruptions, auditors can now login externally using a strictly read-only login that you can switch on or off.

Role Based Permissions

Access to OTA+ (STR) is controlled by a roles & permissions based security system. Assign access levels required to perform the job functions

OTA+ (STR) Complete Supplier Bill Management

The Supplier Bill Management System allows you to enter, track and pay all supplier bills. Pay using the property owners contingency ledger which is topped up to an agreed amount whenever a booking is disbursed. Upload bill images for data entry checking and to allow property owners to download via the property owners logins.

  • Enter all details of the supplier bill including multiple line items.
  • Upload the supplier bill and view side by side to check bill entry details.
  • Multi-bill status and color coded according to bill status for recognition.
  • Seek owners approval if required.
  • Pay using owners contingency ledger.
  • Part pay outing bills or pay complete bill amount.
  • Pay using the ABA CEMTEX payments for same day transfer of funds.
  • Auto generates supplier bills for deferred agents such as booking.com
  • One click to email remittance advice to the supplier.
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You may have many questions at this point, so we have compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions